BirdQuest, founded in 1981, has an unequalled repertoire of birding tours and combined birdwatching and wildlife holidays and cruises that will appeal to every kind of birder. Our tours are celebrated as the very best available, and we have shown our clients and friends around 10,000 bird species worldwide, more than any other birding tour company (and not that far off the total for all other birding tour companies combined!), as well as an extraordinary variety of mammals and many other fascinating aspects of the natural world.

Our superb selection of land-based tours not only feature popular, well-known destinations, but also many less-visited countries and regions, including frontier destinations where others rarely if ever tread. We can take you birding in over 120 different parts of the world, including all the following and many more besides: Alaska, Argentina, Australia, Bhutan, Brazil, Burma, Cambodia, Cameroon, Chile, China, Colombia, Costa Rica, Caribbean, Ecuador, Ethiopia, Finland, Ghana, Hungary, India, Indonesia, Japan, Kazakhstan, Kenya, Madagascar, Malaysia, Manitoba, Mexico, Mongolia, Morocco, Namibia, New Guinea, New Zealand, Peru, Philippines, South Africa, Spain, Sri Lanka, Tanzania, Texas, Thailand, Turkey and Uganda.

We also have a fantastic series of birding and wildlife expedition cruises that will take you to some of the most remote places on our planet, as well as offering some extraordinary wildlife encounters including the opportunity to watch rarely-seen pelagic seabirds and whales. Destinations include Antarctica (including the Antarctic Peninsula, the Weddell Sea and the Ross Sea), the Subantarctic Islands (including the Falkland Islands, South Georgia, Tristan da Cunha and the Aucklands, Campbell and Macquarie), Spitsbergen (Svalbard), the Russian Far East (including Sakhalin, the Kurils, Kamchatka and the Commanders and the Sea of Okhotsk), the Russian Arctic (Chukotka and Wrangel), Baja California (including the Sea of Cortez), the Galapagos, and the South Pacific islands (including the Tuamotus, Pitcairn & Henderson, and the Kermadecs, Tonga, Fiji, Vanuatu & Solomons).

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ropical Birding has been operating birding tours since our inception in 2001, and we offer a wide range of trips to destinations all over the globe. Our trips are led by expert guides who are themselves passionate birders and naturalists. Some of our tours are fast-paced trips that target every possible endemic, whereas others are more relaxed-pace trips with a stronger focus on other types of wildlife or cultural activities. Check the tour overview and itinerary to see if a trip is right for you, and we are always very happy to talk to you if you call us. Searching for tours by destination?

Use the drop-down menus that are on every page, or use the nifty map on this page. (opens in a new browser tab; be sure to select the region from the menu)

SELECTING YOUR TOUR ith so many destinations and such a variety of birds, wildlife, cultures, and habitats to experience, we?d like to offer some suggestions in choosing a tour. A good way to begin is by paging through this catalog for ideas of tour destinations, dates, pric es, and unique features that each tour has to offer. Our web site provides easy - to - find information, including day - by - day itineraries, complete species lists from previous tours, favorite species, many photos, and trip reports by participants and leaders. Feel free to contact BIRD TREKS for additional information or recommendations from past participants. It is often possible for you to participate in a PORTION OF A TOUR if you would rather not go for the entire time. Please inquire and we will work wit h you on a special arrangement. And we?d like to tell you that nearly 80% of our first - time participants return for their second, third, and fourth tours, so be prepared for lots of enjoyable birding. It?s FUN! Once you select a tour, registration is si mple. All that we need is a deposit of 25% of the tour fee (check or PayPal, no credit cards) and a signed and completed registration and release forms, which are found under FORMS on our web site. We typically need 3 - 4 participants in order to run a dom estic tour and 3 - 5 participants for a foreign tour, unless otherwise noted in the itinerary. So, the earlier you register, the sooner we can confirm that your tour will go. Receiving your registration and deposit 6 - 12 months prior to the tour is excellen t, especially when the tour involves a pelagic trip or lodges that are very popular and often require reservations a year or more in advance. We can usually accommodate you if you notify us 2 - 4 months in advance, but not always. The tour may be full, or we may have already cancelled it due to an apparent lack of participants. In extreme situations, people have contacted our office the day before a tour is to begin, and we have been able to make all of the necessary arrangements. So it is never too late to contact us, but the earlier you make your reservation, the better it is for everyone. We have a liberal cancellation policy and make recommendations on how to obtain trip and cancellation insurance. Both of these are outlined on the last page of the t our itinerary.

One month or more prior to your tour we will send you a letter with additional information to help you prepare for your birding experience. We advise you of the weather and conditions, and make suggestions for clothing, accessories, and equipment. We als o tell you where you will stay and the names and contact information of the other participants. BIRD TREKS takes care of all your tour accommodations, reservations, and logistics to help give you the most relaxing, worry - free birding experience possible. Upon your request, we will also arrange your air travel to the city where your tour originates, such as Tucson for the Southeast Arizona Tour. We utilize the services of Lori Heathcote of Bailey Travel for all of our arrangements. Lori has 27 years of e xperience in the travel industry and is a veteran birder; thus she understands your needs and concerns. She will obtain the best possible airfare for you, check flights for cost reductions, and take care of many of your pre - and post - tour travel needs. L et us know if you wish Lori to make your arrangements or, better yet, contact her directly at Bailey Travel by calling 1 - 800 - 224 - 5399 ;


We meet in the city where the tour begins, typically at about noon on the first day. The leader will typically meet you at the curb outside of the baggage claim area of your airline. Some people drive or choose to arrive a day early in case there are any travel delays. Our leaders almost always arrive a day early. In that case we will meet you at a designated motel prior to proceeding to the airport. All of these arrangements are finalized in the pre - tour communications. Departure flights at the end of the tour are typically scheduled for early afternoon so that we have some birding time on our final morning. Please contact BIRD TREKS if you intend to make your own airline reservations to be certain that all of our schedules are coordinated. Some of our distant destinations such as Ke nya and Peru require overnight air travel. Be certain to check with our office so that you know the proper dates that you are to arrive and depart. We hope that this helps you in choosing your tour. If you have any additional questions, please contact B ird Treks at 717 - 548 - 3303, or e - mail . We have been helping people to plan their bird watching tours for 18 years, and we would be extremely happy to help you, in any way that we can

Since 1986, Wilderness Birding Adventures has led small groups throughout Alaska in search of birds, wildlife, and wild places. Specializing in remote destinations, unique experiences, and wilderness travel, Wilderness Birding Adventures has been the company of choice for those seeking to bird Alaska with Alaskans.

We offer the most complete selection of birding trips available in Alaska, with trips for the serious birder and novice alike. While we?re always birding when in the field, our tours are divided into two categories, Birding Focused, and Wilderness, Wildlife, and Birding. The first category is exactly what you would expect?a focused birding trip for those whose goal is to find, watch, and enjoy as many varieties of birds as possible. On our Wilderness, Wildlife, and Birding Tours we travel with a wide angled vision, birding, botanizing, exploring and enjoying our way through the wilderness while making discoveries about our environment and ourselves.

In 2005, we began leading international birding trips, taking the same approach that we use on our Alaska tours. Our Wilderness Birding Adventures leaders, skilled birders and seasoned travelers, team up with the best local birders and naturalists in our host countries to help you get the most from your adventure.





What makes us different from so many other tour operators?

Just look at the quality of our high resolution pictures. We took them all ourselves. We have thousands of high resolution pictures on this website, that you can see enlarged by clicking on them. These pictures show that we have been everywhere in the country of your interest and really know the details. We are professional explorers and biologists with MSc and PhD.


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