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Hello World: National Parks Man Dr. Daan Vreugdenhil

Hi, I am Dr. DAAN VREUGDENHIL, aka the "PARKSMAN DAAN", a lifetime conservationist with a PhD in conservation ecology and CEO of the World Institute for Conservation of Nature and Environment, (WICE). For 40 years I served organizations like the World Bank, the United Nations, the WWF and other international organizations as an advisor on establishing and improving national parks systems in many developing countries. A tireless traveler and explorer, over time, my passports accumulated entry stamps of more than 80 countries and usually my boots hit the trails of at least one, and often several national parks in almost every country I visited. Two decades ago, WICE initiated an ecolodge in the Amazon in Cuyabeno Wildlife Reserve, Ecuador and a few years later I became part of the polar Plancius cruises, now Oceanwide Polar Expeditions. What often struck me Read More