Awash - Harar - Babile Tour highlights

Awash National Park

As one travels from Addis Ababa to the east, the climate becomes increasingly dryer and eventually turns into the Ethiopian Somali semi-desert and desert. But within the desert even mild elevations help collect some rainfall, and the Awash River collects enough water to run through mostly barren landscapes of very open savannahs and prairies. Awash National Park surrounds the Fantale Volcano where the higher elevation create slightly more humid conditions, allowing for the development of denser savannahs.


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Harar City

An ancient walled city, Harar, lies at an elevation of about 1900 m. For centuries, Harar linked the trade routes of Ethiopia with the Horn of Africa and the Arabian Peninsula. Harar Jugol, the old walled city, has been declared World Heritage List in 2006 by UNESCO and is considered 'the fourth holy city' of Islam" with 82 mosques, three of which date from the 10th century, and 102 shrines.


Babile Elephant Sanctuary

Also slightly higher than its surroundings is the Babile Elephant Sanctuary. While Elephants stay a good part of the year in the Sanctuary, most herds migrate out of the park to surrounding areas.


Kondudo mountain

From Harar, one can visit the highest "amba" overlooking the city, the Kondudo mountain, which hosts a population of feral horses and a stalactite cave which rates among the 5 finest of Africa, locally know as the Gursum Pearl Cave. The latter is not yet developed and visits are a total expedition with no trails going to the caves, let alone inside the caves, which are without light.


HARAR ETHIOPIA TOURISM: Awash National Park Entrance HARAR ETHIOPIA TOURISM: Awash Falls, Ethiopia

Awash National Park entrance.


Awash Falls at Awash National Park.


HARAR ETHIOPIA TOURISM: Oryx, Awash National Park, Ethiopia HARAR ETHIOPIA TOURISM: Wart Hog, Awash National Park, Ethiopia

Oryx at Awash National Park.


Warthogs at Awash National Park.


HARAR ETHIOPIA TOURISM: Awash Lodge, Ethiopia HARAR ETHIOPIA TOURISM: Awash Lodge restaurant, Awash Nationa Park

Awash Lodge.


Awash Lodge Restaurant.


HARAR ETHIOPIA TOURISM: Filwoha hot pool, Awash National Park, Ethiopia HARAR ETHIOPIA TOURISM: Filwoha hot springs, Awash Nationa Park, Etiopia

Filwoha Hot springs in Awash National Park.


HARAR ETHIOPIA TOURISM: Shoa Gate, Harar City, Ethiopia

HARAR ETHIOPIA TOURISM: Main gate to the center of old Harar, Etiopia


The two most famous entry gates into the walled city.

HARAR ETHIOPIA TOURISM: Traditional houses in the City of Harar HARAR ETHIOPIA TOURISM: Harar Hyena Man

Old houses with balconies.

The Hyena man inviting a tourist to feed a spotted hyena.


HARAR ETHIOPIA TOURISM: Balancing rock Ethiopia

HARAR ETHIOPIA TOURISM: Euphorbia trees in Ethiopia


Left: The balancing rock of Babile Elephant Sanctuary.


Above: Euphorbia trees are native in Ethiopia that is often planted as enclosure hedges around farm houses.

HARAR ETHIOPIA TOURISM: Elephant with calf HARAR ETHIOPIA TOURISM: Elephant in the bush


Once considered a subspecies, genetic analysis of Ethiopian elephants showed that they are no different from other African elephants. Smaller tusks and body seizes are attributed to stress and poaching before reaching more mature ages.


HARAR ETHIOPIA TOURISM: Children in the village, Ethiopia HARAR ETHIOPIA TOURISM: Bee hive in Ethiopia

Where-ever you travel there will always be the smiles of curious children waiting for you.


Being the fourth largest exporter in the world of bee wax and the tenth of honey, bees are extremely important in rural Ethiopia and one can see bee hives in many places in national parks and forests.

HARAR ETHIOPIA TOURISM: Women doing Laundry at the waterhole, Ethiopia HARAR ETHIOPIA TOURISM: Women and children fetching water, Ethiopia


The daily chores of women and young children are fetching water at open wells and pits. Often they must walk several hours to fetch water, and together with the chores of collecting firewood, these chores are among the most inhibiting factors for better education of children and the emancipation of women.


This Travel itinerary takes you along all these destinations:



Day 1: ADDIS ABABA - AWASH NATIONAL PARK, road distance ± 225km

  1. Awash falls;

  2. Gallery forest along the Awash River;

  3. Filhowa springs.



  1. Lakes Adele & Lange for watching wader birds;

  2. City tour, including;

  3. Hyena man.



  1. Elephant sanctuary;

  2. Sleep in hotel in Harar.



  1. Visit Kondudo Mountain with feral horses;

  2. Visit Gursum Pearl Cave with stalactite and stalagmite formations;

  3. Sleep in hotel in Harar.


Day 5: HARAR - ADDIS ABABA, ± 525 km

  1. Return to Addis Ababa;

  2. Bird watching stop at Lakes Adele & Lange.

We offer a 4 days option for $429 without Mount Kondudo and a 5 days option of $549 which includes hotels, meals with alcohol free drinks, entry fees and transportation.


Ethiopia modernizes and changes more rapidly than any other country in Africa. Many features may not be there anymore in the near future. If you want to see it the way it was for thousands of years, see it now before it has changed forever! Compose your own once-in-a-lifetime Ethiopia-Africa-Adventure from our affordable modules:

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Awash Babile Harar Safari Tour

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Gambella National Park Safari

Addis Ababa City Tour & Airport Transfer

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