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Our  is a highly professional Ethiopian Eco travel & travel Agency is run by members being university trained and whom all have thoroughly traveled each part of Ethiopia as resident scientists. No other travel company matches the knowledge and field experiences of Ecotravel Ethiopia. Not a single corner of Ethiopia that one of us has not been to. This is not the case for other travel agencies in Ethiopia, who usually only know the beaten path. We know Ethiopia like nobody else in the world because we have been there for our research and expeditions. Based on that knowledge, we developed a variety of fantastic itineraries led by some of the best professionals of the country.


A picture is worth a thousand words. Most of our hundreds of pictures are favored in Google! Why? Because no other website has so many beautiful high resolution pictures, taken by ourselves. Our pictures not only show you the beauty of Ethiopia, but they also show that we go everywhere, photographing wildlife, plants, people and culture. They show our professionalism, our keen eye for detail and our passion for the culture and nature of Ethiopia. So why consider booking our our Ethiopia Culture & National Parks modules? Because we don't mislead you like many tour operators do. When the Blue Nile falls are dry.... we tell you. When fog clouds the lava lake of Erte Ale? We let you know. Just drop us a mail and we will check it out for you.

Our tours get you to ALL the cultural places Ethiopia is so famous for, and on top of that, you get to see up to 12 National Parks/Reserves accompanied by a conservation forester. There is nothing similar on the market.

As Ethiopia can be combined with other East African countries, we organize tours in modules. Destinations Overview: Historical Circuit; Danakil Depression; Eastern Route; Simien Mountains; Bale Mountains; Southern Parks Safari; Gambella; Addis Ababa. BUT WAIT: if you buy your international ticket with Ethiopia Airlines, they will sell the internal flights at a price that you can't even ride the bus for. But you MUST plan it all in one package and making changes may be very costly. So let us help you plan your entire trip and book your local flights for an incredibly low price after you booked your international flight with Ethiopian Airlines!


Tamirat Tilahun , Forester and BSc

Tamirat Tilahun graduated as forester from the Wondo Genet College of Forestry and Natural Resources in 1988 and he earned a BSc in economics from the Unity University in 2008. He worked for 25 years in different Ethiopian projects such as the Meier River Basin Study and the Omo Gibe Rivers Basin Study and Masterplan Project, the Genale Dawa Rivers Basin Study and Masterplan Project, the Biro Akobo Rivers Basin Study and Masterplan Project, the Abay River Basin Study and Masterplan Project and the Woody Biomass Inventory and Strategic Plan. Tamirat is a very experienced field researcher who spends much of his  career working for nature conservation and forest management.


He is an logistics magician while an incredibly kind person who loves traveling with children. It is great having along as a traveling companion and a fabulous trouble shooter for unforeseen situations.


image image
Tamirat Tilahun in the field with a colleague.


Tamirat on Lake Chamo in Nech Sar National Park.


image image
Tamirat talking with a local priest.


Tamirat with a local herder.

Lakew Berhanu, MSc

Lakew has an MSc in conservation biology from the internationally acclaimed Durrell Institute of Conservation and Ecology at the University of Kent at Canterbury, United Kingdom and is among the best ornithologists in Ethiopia. As one of Ethiopia's lead conservationists, he has fulfilled a number of different technical and management positions among which as a wildlife ecologist for the Ethiopian Wildlife and Conservation Authority and until recently he was project director of the  project United Nations Protected Areas of Ethiopia of which you can download the very informative report on conservation in Ethiopia from the link. Lakew is one of the best ornithologists of the country and one of the most knowledgeable persons about the government and its policies. Extremely likable and a great conservationist. he is a fabulous person to have around on your trip.


Lakew2 Lakew1

Lakew Berhanu, one of Ethiopia's lead conservationists and wildlife biologists in the field with colleagues and park rangers.

Lakew scanning the sky for birds.


Dr. Ir. Daan Vreugdenhil, international conservationist

Dr. Daan Vreugdenhil, lifetime conservationist with a PhD in conservation ecology, lead a national study on the conservation status and wildlife distribution of the national parks of Ethiopia. A tireless traveler and explorer, over time, his passports accumulated entry stamps of more than 80 countries and usually his boots hit the trails of at least one, and often several national parks in each country he have visited. Two decades ago, he initiated an ecolodge in the Amazon in Cuyabeno Wildlife Reserve, Ecuador and a few years later he became part of the polar Plancius cruises. He now is full time involved in the development of national parks tours for many countries in the world, drawing on his vast knowledge of parks and travel in general. When initiating the National Parks tours worldwide, he only works with professionals with thorough field knowledge of national parks and nature. For Ethiopia, he is the general coordinator and advisor. When not traveling somewhere in this beautiful world, he is available on request for specialized Ethiopia tours and expeditions.


Hiking through the mountains is one of Daan Vreugdenhil's passions.



A renowned international national parks management expert and naturalist, Daan Vreugdenhil has been in national parks on all continents. He is behind each one of the national parks tours, including those of the Ethiopian Eco travel & travel Agency.

What makes us different from so many other tour operators?

Just look at the quality of our high resolution pictures. We took them all ourselves. We have thousands of high resolution pictures on this website, that you can see enlarged by clicking on them. These pictures show that we have been everywhere in the country of your interest and really know the details. We are professional explorers and biologists with MSc and PhD.


National Parks Tours Worldwide, a social responsibility and conservation company, is a brand name of the World Institute for Conservation & Environment, registered in the Netherlands with headquarters in the USA.


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