Kampala City, Uganda, Africa

With just under 1.5 million inhabitants, Kampala, capital city of Uganda, Africa, is the only million+ and modern metropolitan city in the country and one of the smallest capital cities in East Africa. Kapala also is one of the safest big cities in East Africa.  Originally, the hills and wetlands of what is now Kampala, were chosen by King Mutesa I, the Kabaka (king) of Buganda, as his favorite hunting grounds. With the abundance of Impalas, the area was soon named by the British Camp Impala, which contracted to Kampala. The major buildings commemorating the original kingdom are the UNESCO World Heritage site, the Kasubi Tombs, which were originally built in 1881, and rebuilt in 2010 after they were destroyed by fire.


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The major port of entry into the country is Entebbe International Airport at about 40km from the business center of Kampala, city, Uganda, Africa; it has been modernized recently with a major grant from South Korea.


Kampala Weather

The weather of Kampala is semi-humid forests in the South-west, with rainfall averaging about 1,400mm per year, with peaks in April and November, while there are no periods without any rainfall at all. This makes the weather of Kampala rather humid the surronding countryside looks green during most of the year. As these are averages, annual fluctuations are considerable and may well fluctuate between 1,100mm and 1,900mm during any year. For details see Ugando Climate zones.


Kampala, Uganda Nightlife

Quite honestly, there are not so many things to do in Kampala, Uganda, at night we list here the principle Kampala Nightlife places you may want to see. What you really want to go to Uganda to is for its fabulous national parks.


On Makarere Hill is the Makerere University, one of Africa's prime universities. The university campus is also home to the East African Development Bank.


An interesting form of transport is the Boda-boda, a motorcycle or bicycle taxi, where one sits on the back seat. Being a two-wheeler, the bodas are often a rather efficient transportation during rush-hours, although of course safety leaves a bit to be desired.



Entebbe International Airport is located at half an hour from Kampala.

The Kasubi tombs are the royal mausoleums located in Kampala and one of the main attractions of the capital.


THINGS TO DO IN KAMPALA [AT NIGHT]: Boda boda is a light motorcycle or bicycle serving as a taxi.THINGS TO DO IN KAMPALA [AT NIGHT]: Uganda Museum

Boda boda is a light motorcycle or bicycle serving as a taxi.

Uganda Museum in Kampala.


THINGS TO DO IN KAMPALA [AT NIGHT]: Kampala: Namugongo Martyrs Shrine honors the death of 32 young men who refused to renounce Christianity.THINGS TO DO IN KAMPALA [AT NIGHT]: The Bahá'í Temple is another landmark of capital Kampala.

Namugongo Martyrs Shrine honors the death of 32 young men who refused to renounce Christianity.

The Bahá'í Temple is another landmark of capital Kampala.


Some Kampala nightlife, before going on our Uganda National Parks Safari developed by world renowned conservationist, Dr. Daan Vreugdenhil, are the Uganda national museum and the Kasubi tombs. Our Uganda safari takes you on an epic tour to the most representative national parks to go on game trekking, Chimpanzee trekking, and Gorilla trekking. The map below shows you the route of our 11 days' national parks safari.


Kampala City Nightlife

  1. Big Mike's: you can find everything from stand-up comedian to a beer;

  2. Otters Bar: agreeable garden with ferns and strewn with lights, a great place to get a pint, a pizza or a snack;

  3. 1000 Cups Coffee House: espresso, aeropress or regular coffee made from beans from across Africa and light bites;

  4. Endiro: Free wifi, earthy cafe serves strong Ugandan coffee, fresh juices and breakfasts;

  5. Café Pap: busy cafe on Parliament Ave with as well as freshly squeezed juices and breakfasts;

  6. Cayenne: a sprawling tree, pool and popular restaurant, live music;

  7. Iguana: popular among foreigners, is a popular bar in town. Upstairs is a boozy affair for after-work drinks or late evenings with DJs;

  8. Bubbles O'Learys: the closest you'll find to a true pub in Kampala.  It's a buzzing spot drawing a fun crowd;

  9. Rock Garden: Covered bar and a huge outdoor area, but pickpocketing risk;

  10. Deuces: A bar that never sleeps;

  11. Ange Noir: Kampala’s most popular dance floor;

  12. Café Cheri: Open-air shack but less raucous than others, open around the clock;

  13. Club Silk: Popular with students, dance floor with East African pop and Nigerian music that goes until late.



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