20 BEST PLACES TO VISIT IN COLOMBIA ALL IN ONE TRIP: The great monuments & 10 best national parks in one tour accompanied by naturalist guide


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Andes Surrounding Bogota



20 BEST PLACES TO VISIT AROUND BOGOTA: Old town & 3 Andean national parks and Villa de Leyva in one tour accompanied by naturalist guide.


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This module provides a fantastic program for visiting the most fabulous highlights of the Andes surrounding Bogota. The latter serves as the hub for the Colombia's National Parks Tour. As the Amazon of Colombia is not safe, we offer the Amazon Ecuador module, which you can include in your international flight at very little additional costs. This module is the baseline for our National Parks Tour Module, each components of the Colombia National Parks Tour. The Ecuador Amazon module can be taken at the beginning and the end of your visit to Colombia.

Day 1

  • Transfer from the airport to your hotel, 10 minutes away from the airport;

  • Depending on your arrival time, we like to take you on a brief city tour to historic Bogota to enjoy it in the late afternoon sunlight;

  • Dinner may be taken in the center, so that you may walk back to the Plaza Bolivar at night to enjoy the buildings in the splendor of their evening illumination;

  • Return to your hotel.

Day 2

  • Morning walk along the highlights of old town Bogota with its gorgeous colonial churches, palaces, manors and streets;

  • Lunch somewhere in old town Bogota;

  • Visit the Montserrat Church with the cable cart or funicular train;

  • Visit the famous Gold Museum with a fantastic Pre-Colombian collection - the best in the country;

  • Spend the night in the hotel.

Day 3

  • Travel by road to Villa de Leyva;

  • On the way stop at the Boyaca national monument, where the deciding independence battle took place, liberating Colombia, Venezuela and Ecuador from Spain.

  • Visit Villa de Leyva in after light;

  • Have diner in one of the many cozy restaurant in the center of town;

  • Spend the night at your hotel near the plaza central.

Day 4

  • Leave early in the morning for a day hike to the paramo of Iguaque Flora and Fauna Reserve;

  • Visit the Fossil and the Paleontological Research Center museums;

  • Spend the night at your hotel near the plaza central.

Day 5

  • After breakfast, travel by road back to Bogota;

  • Visit the cute pottery town of Raquira with pottery varying in size from 2 cm to 2 meters high;

  • After lunch in the the uninteresting town of Chiquinquira, boat excursion on the peat bordered Fúquene Lake;

  • Time permitting, visit the most visited attraction around Bogota, the Zipaquirá Salt Mine church;

  • Spend the night in your Bogota hotel.

Day 6

  • Early in the morning departure for Chingaza National Park;

  • Visit old town Bogota and spend the night in your hotel or board your flight to Cartagena.



HIGHLIGHTS of the Caribbean Coast MODULE



COLOMBIA CARIBBEAN COAST TOUR: Cartagena, beaches & 4 fantastic nature reserves in one tour accompanied by naturalist guide

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This module provides a fantastic program for visiting the best culture, nature and beaches of the Colombian Caribbean. You may actually arrive in Cartagena out of San Salvador or out of Bogota at hardly any extra costs to your international flight.

Day 1

  • Arrival at the Cartagena Airport;

  • Transfer to your hotel;

  • Depending on the hour of your arrival flight, a walk through the city or watching the sun set from the Cartagena wall;

  • Dinner after sunset;

  • Return to your hotel downtown Cartagena.

Day 2

  • Morning walk along the highlights of old town Cartagena with its gorgeous colonial churches, manors, cobbled streets and over the wall;

  • Visit the San Pedro Claver Church and Monastery;

  • Lunch downtown oldtown Cartagena;

  • Visit the Inquisition palace;

  • visit the gold museum;

  • Enjoy the sunset from the wall;

  • Stroll the illuminated city after dark;

  • Spend the night in your hotel downtown.

Day 3

  • Morning visit to San Filipe de Barajas Fortress;

  • Lunch downtown;

  • Viaje a Riohacha;

  • Spend the night at your hotel in Riohacha.

Day 4


  • In the morning drive to the Manaure Salt flats to watch the flamingos;

  • Lunch at the Manaure Beach;

  • Visit Cabo de Vela Rock and beach;

  • Return to your hotel in Riohacha.

Day 5

  • An early excursion to the Flamengos Sanctuary to watch flamingos in their pristine environment;

  • Drive to your hotel at or near Tayrona National Park to spend the night.

Day 6

  • In the morning hike the 9 Piedras (stones) trail while watching wildlife and birds;

  • Lunch in a local restaurant in the park;

  • Take the shuttle bus to the visitor center / museum;

  • walk to the trail to Piscina Beach - while watching wildlife on the way - to spend the afternoon on the virgin beach;

  • Walk back to the visitor center and return to the hotel to spend the night;

Day 7

  • Morning visit in fishing canoe trhough the Cienaga de Santa Marta Mangrove Sanctuary;

  • Return to Cartagena;

  • An Airport transfer (depending on fight schedule) finalizes your Colombia Caribbean Coast Tour or spend another night in Cartagena.


This fantastic trip combines the Top 20 Places to Visit in Peru in one trip, and unlike any other trip on the market, it gets you into Peru's unknown treasure, its fabulous national parks system, one of the best in South America.


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