The Best Cartagena, Colombia, Beaches

As you found this page, you probably are going to or already are in Cartagenade de las Indias in Colombia and you have heard about the great Cartagena, Colombia, beaches. Let me give you the bad news, the best beaches of Cartagena, Colombia, on the city beaches are not worth going to. They are rocky beaches with very little sand, and what makes is worse, it is rough coral rock, which will hurt your feet when walking barefoot. So, don't waste your precious vacation time visiting them while visiting the beautiful city of Cartagena and its famous Castillo de San Filipe.


If you do go to city beaches anyway, then the best are Boca Grande and the beach near the hospital. Be warned though, that if you want to rent a tent or beach chair, there are people pretending to rent rent them to you, take your money and disappear. The real renters of the beach wear blue uniforms and look official. But instead, go to the beaches on nearby islands! While Cartagena, Colombia, safety has improved significantly, there is a problem with service cheaters.


Cartagena Island Beaches

Having said that, there are beautiful beaches near Cartagena, but you will have to go there by boat, as they are on nearby islands. Be aware though that there are many scams and prepare yourself to be continuously alert when dealing with hackers and scammers. The best way to compare the island options is to go to the tourist information stand in front of the Clock tower just outside the city wall. You can compare islands, resorts and official tours.


Punta Arena beach is located on  Isla Tierra Bomba

Punta Arena beach is located on Tierra Bomba island. It takes about 10 minutes to get there by boat, to get to white coral sand beaches and blue water. After the boat has dropped you off, you can walk to the right and find a quieter part of the beach. You can take a boat any time of the day.


CARTAGENA, COLOMBIA BEACHES: Romantic tropical beaches on nearby islands.

Transport to one of the Cartagena beaches on nearby islands.

Romantic tropical beaches on nearby islands.


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Destinations Overview:  Bogota old town, Cartagena, Villa de Leyva Zipaguira Salt Mine Church, Chingaza Reserve, Iguaque National Park, Flamencos Reserve, Cienega Mangroves Reserve, Lake Fuquene, Tayrona National Park, Manaure Salt Flats.


Playa Blanca on Isla Baru

The best Cartagena beach is abour 40 minutes by boat or by land on Isla Baru now connected by road. Playa Blanca has beautiful white beaches and turquoise tropical water. You may like to wald to the end of the beach in the direction of Hotel Decameron, where you may find less beach goers. Of course week days are less crowded than weekends.


CARTAGENA, COLOMBIA BEACHES: Sun bathers.CARTAGENA, COLOMBIA BEACHES: A delicious fish dish for lunch.

Spending a day at the beach.

A delicious fish dish for lunch.


La Boquilla Beach

La Boquilla beach has very extensive beaches and many restaurants. As it is much further away from Cartagena, you will find less foreigners and more nationals, but more and more hotel chains are are lining the beaches now.


Manzanillo del Mar Beach

The beaches of Manzanillo del mar will continue for the next couple of years to be an ideal place to get away from everything and enjoy one the the most tranquil and solitary beaches in the city. Private investors have set their eyes on these extensive beaches and are now building luxury resorts in the surrounding area, with the hopes to continue on to even more exclusive destinations. Manzanillo del mar is furthest from all other beaches on the list, sitting 35 minutes from the centre of Cartagena. You can take a taxi here from the city.



Friends relaxing at the beach.

Families relaxing at the beach.


CARTAGENA, COLOMBIA BEACHES: Beach scene at one of the near Cartagena beaches.CARTAGENA, COLOMBIA BEACHES: Virgin coast line at Titipan Island.

Beach scene at one of the near Cartagena beaches.

Virgin coast line at Titipan Island.


CARTAGENA, COLOMBIA BEACHES: Lazy beach life.CARTAGENA, COLOMBIA BEACHES: What can be better than a fish and a cold beer for lunch?

Lazy beach life in Colombia.

What can be better than a fish and a cold beer for lunch?


CARTAGENA, COLOMBIA BEACHES: Friends snorkling in turquoise waters.CARTAGENA, COLOMBIA BEACHES: Child learning how to snorkel.CARTAGENA, COLOMBIA BEACHES: snorkling with tropical fishes.

Snorkling in cristal clear water in Colombia.


CARTAGENA, COLOMBIA BEACHES: Children on the beach.CARTAGENA, COLOMBIA BEACHES: Family on the beach.

Children on the beach in Colombia.

Family on the beach.



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