Cartagena, Colombia, Nightlife

Nightlife in Cartagena, Colombia, starts with the daily ritual of watching the sun set from the city wall. Many terraces on and along the wall are crowded with visitors enjoying the romantic moment when the sun slowly sinks into the sea.


CARTAGENA COLOMBIA NIGHTLIFE: The Cartagena City wall at sunset.CARTAGENA COLOMBIA NIGHTLIFE:  most elaborate city wall of Latin America.CARTAGENA COLOMBIA NIGHTLIFE: The Cartagena City wall is the best conserved and most elaborate city wall of Latin America at sun set.CARTAGENA COLOMBIA NIGHTLIFE:Casa de Cerveza, terrace on the wall at sunset.

Throngs of visitors crowd the city wall to watch the sun slowly sink into the sea. Most famous is the Casa de Cerveza.



The end of a wonderful day and the start of nightlife in Cartagena, Colombia. Plaza Santa Teresa.

The setting sun light turns buildings in a beautiful orange glow. Heredia Theatre.




Just by yourself, with your lover or with friends, nothing is more romantic than starting your night in Cartagena watching the sun slowly sink into the sea


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Destinations Overview:  Bogota old town, Cartagena, Villa de Leyva Zipaguira Salt Mine Church, Chingaza Reserve, Iguaque National Park, Flamencos Reserve, Cienega Mangroves Reserve, Lake Fuquene, Tayrona National Park, Manaure Salt Flats.


Once the sun has set and the night sets in, people wander off into the plazas and streets of the the beautifully illuminated city.


CARTAGENA COLOMBIA NIGHTLIFE: Plaza de Bolivar at night.CARTAGENA COLOMBIA NIGHTLIFE: San Pedro Claver Church at night.

After sunset, people spread across the city, strolling along plazas and streets. Plaza de Bolivar at night.

San Pedro Claver Church at night.


CARTAGENA COLOMBIA NIGHTLIFE: Santiago Church at night.CARTAGENA COLOMBIA NIGHTLIFE: Clock tower at night.CARTAGENA COLOMBIA NIGHTLIFE: eluminated Santa Catalina cathedral at night.

During the Christmas season cities in Colombia light up with very elaborate Christmas lighting, to which Cartagena is no exception.


CARTAGENA COLOMBIA NIGHTLIFE: Santo Domingo Church at night.CARTAGENA COLOMBIA NIGHTLIFE: all streets are eluminated.CARTAGENA COLOMBIA NIGHTLIFE: Inquisition Palace at night.

The Santo Domingo Church tower lit at night.

All colonial streets are lit at night; famous buildings, like the Inquisition Palace have additional lighting.


CARTAGENA COLOMBIA NIGHTLIFE: lazely hanging out in the street.CARTAGENA COLOMBIA NIGHTLIFE: taking a carriage at night.

After sunset people spread across town for food and snacks.

Others take a romantic horse carriage ride through the eluminated narrow colonial streets of Cartagena at night.


Nightlife in Catagena, Colombia is vibrant. You will find restaurants, bars and dancing's for every taste. If you want to get a simple bite after a day of exhausting visiting, you will find it. You want a youngsters dancing place? It is there. You are a boomer and want a fancy drink. Don't fret you will find it. Restaurants are basically open all day and night until very late. Bars are open until 3 - 4 AM. Very few cities in Colombia are so outgoing as Cartagena, while safety in Cartagena is among the best in South America.


Where to Go at night in Cartagena, Colombia

There are so many great restaurants in Cartagena that it’s hard to pick just a few to talk about. But being as a harbor go for seafood. It’s caught fresh just offshore every morning, although Colombian restaurants don't really know how to cook fish decently, but hey, its fresh. Ceviche and pargo frito (fried red snapper, but always overcooked) are the local specialties, and usually served with arepas or pandebono (cheese bread). I am personally a fan of fish cebiche, less so of octupus, which I find tasteless and tough.


If you are Dutch, like I, go to the corner of the San Roque Church in Getsemini and enoy real Dutch-Indonesian rijsttafel by a Dutch development worker who uses the proceeds for orphans. It even comes with a bottle of wine. Make sure you reserve a table in the morning because his few tables are always sold out.


La Casa de la Cerveza (Beer House) is atop the city’s walls  and is one of Cartagena’s best known  bars to watch the sun set and later. You can't miss it when you stroll the wall at sunset.


Donde Fidel, is famous for its salsa music.


Bar-hopping through Getsemani is for the young and beautiful, although you will find many boomers who can't get enough of an active life. Make sure to get in touch with a local for personalized recs on all the best Getsemani spots to hit.


Some famous night clubs in Cartagena are  Cafe Havana, famous for its excellent cocktails and retro interior design. Also worth mentioning is La Movida, perhaps the most expensive and most exclusive night club in Cartagena.



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