bulletMacrolobium swamp at sunset
bulletCuyabeno Lodge
bulletTiger-leg Frog in Cuyabeno
bulletElectric outboard motor at the Cuaybeno Lodge
bulletGiant hollow tree
bulletCofan and Secoya Indians in traditional dresses in rainbow colors
bulletBlack Caiman baby
bulletVisitor at the Cuyabeno Lake
bulletHoatzin in a Macrolobium Tree
bulletBirding in the forest
bulletBlue and Yellow Macaw
bulletRounding the Cuyabeno Loop
bulletMap Tree Frog staring at you
bulletCofan elder with children
bulletCapuchin Monkey resting
bulletCofan child playing in his canoe
bulletMetalic beetle
bulletHoatzins at Cuyabeno
bulletCofan Indians at their dinner
bulletCofan Lodge cabin
bulletSwimming in the Cuyabeno Lake
bulletFresh water mangrove in the Amazon
bulletBristle-nose Catfish at Cuyabeno
bulletMacrolobium trees at sunset
bulletSecoya girl with traditional face paint
bulletCofan Lodge
bulletSunset at the Cuyabeno Lake
bulletTraditional pottery of the Cofan tribe
bulletReleasing a turtle from the captive breeding conservation program
bulletZavalo Cofan village
bulletCapuchin monkeys
bulletPiraņa showing its teetj
bulletButterflies at salt lick
bulletCollared Peccari running
bulletOcelots are common cats in the jungle
bulletAnacondas are quite common in Cuyabeno
bulletNight excursion
bulletCuyabeno sunset
bulletChild releasing a turtle
bulletTree frog choir
bulletCanoe on its way to the lodge
bulletHoatzin chicks
bulletpeddling in Cuyabeno
bulletHoatzin pair
bulletRing-tailed Coati in a tree
bulletWhite mushrooms at Cuyabeno
bulletWildlife photographers at the Cuyabeno Lake
bulletCofan tribe at Zavalo, Cuyabeno
bulletSun setting over the Cuyabeno Lake
bulletBoy with butterfly
bulletPink Amazon Dolphins can turn their heads 180 degrees
bulletPolka Dot Tree Frog
bulletWildlife photagraphers big guns
bulletSpider scorpions don't sting nor bite
bulletSucker-mouth Catfish
bulletGreen tree frog
bulletCaptive-bred turtles about to be released
bulletWhite-lipped Peccaries
bulletWhite-nosed Coatis
bulletEnjoying the sunset
bulletTree frogs pairing
bulletYellow-handed Titi Monkey
bulletYellow-footed Tortoise
bulletBlow gun practice
bulletAchiote is a traditional colorant
bulletEnormous buttress tree
bulletA cactus flower in the Cuyabeno rainforest
bulletMacrolobiums at sunset
bulletCofan child swimming
bulletPink orchids of the rainforest
bulletPanama Flame trees flowers directly from its trunc
bulletPink flowers in the rainforest
bulletWhite mushrooms in the jungle
bulletYellow Candle Bush at the river shores
bulletCapybaras in the jungle
bulletMorph of the jungle
bulletBig frog eyes staring back at you
bulletBrown Woolly Monkey face
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