bulletExploring Cuyabeno
bulletArchbishop's Palace in Quito
bulletSan Rafael Waterfalls
bulletMarine Iguana
bulletFrog choir in the jungle
bulletFrigate Bird in flight
bulletGolden Sun Mask at the National Museum in Quito
bulletCrucero Train from Quito to Guayaquil
bulletBartolome Island at Galapagos
bulletMangrove and beach in Galapagos
bulletRotonda Monument at the Guayaquil Malecom Boulevard
bulletIguana on rock
bulletSunset in Cuyabeno
bulletCalle Ronda in Quito
bulletParamo tulips in Cajas National Park
bulletPichincha cable cart in Quito
bulletPink Dolphin in the Amazon Region
bulletOrange crabs in Galapagos
bulletNational Cathedral in Quito
bulletAndean Fox
bulletWild water rafting in Baños
bulletWaved Albatross at Galapagos
bulletImaculada Concepción Cathedral in Cuenca
bulletBarred Leaf Frog in Cuaybeno
bulletIngapirca temple of the Sun with Inca walls
bulletOtavalo Indian Women in traditional dress
bulletFrog on leaf
bulletGiant turtoise at the Galapagos Islands
bulletCarondelet National Palace in Quito
bulletBoy with butterfly
bulletVicuñas at the paramo
bulletCompania de Jesus Church in Quito
bulletMacrolobium swamp trees at Cuyabeno Lake
bulletCuyabeno Lodge in the Amazon
bulletPulpit of the Compania de Jesus Church in Quito
bulletGalapagos Land Iguana
bulletCuyabeno Lodge
bulletBrown Pelican in Machalilla National Park
bulletTraveling the Cuyabeno Loop
bulletOrgan in the Compania de Jesus Church
bulletjquery carousel
bulletFisherman throwing his net
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