Chimbote, Peru, Facts

In fact, Chimbote, Peru, is a harbor town with a pier a commercial pier and a large small fishing boats. It has a large fish processing industry and is na important regional transportation hub.


There is a boulevard and beach, which was abandoned during a weekday when I visited it. The town has lots of casinos, but I have no idea how good they are.


Touristically it is not interesting to me, as I don't attend casinos. It is the departure of arrival town for/from the Pato Canyon and Huascarán National Park.


The harbor is within 200 km from the harbor of Supe and 100 km from Salaverry, Trujillo's harbor.



CHIMBOTE, PERU FACTS: Bay with fishing boats.CHIMBOTE, PERU FACTS: Boulevard and harbor

Chimbote's boulevard has a nice view over hundreds of small fishing boats in a bay.

The boulevard with the commercial pier in the distance.


Chimbote Peru Facts

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