Welcome to NATIONAL PARKS WORLDWIDE with the national parks, nature reserves and other protected areas of all countries of the world. National parks are the prime locations of wild and untamed nature; in many countries they are the most exiting places to visit, if you can find them. This website is your first help for getting to the national parks of the Bahamas. In many developing countries, the protected areas are still difficult to get to. That is the reason why local travel agencies are often reluctant to take you there, while others have their own agenda, favoring a lodge in a private reserve with insignificant forest or nature. And yet, with the proper knowledge, transportation and gear, visiting national parks is usually relatively affordable, provided that you don't expect 5 star accommodations.


On this pages you find a list of the Bahamas's protected areas. Criteria for the selection of National Parks of the Bahamas include natural beauty, unique geological features, unusual ecosystems, and recreational opportunities. Enjoy planning your vacation in the Bahamas.


National Parks of the Bahamas

For their lasting conservation, protected areas need a lot of visitation, something that is lacking in developing countries. In order to promote visitation to national parks, we created this website. The accuracy of our list varies considerably per country and is still incomplete for most countries of the world, but we are continuously working on improving them. As the lack of visitation continues to be one of the prime drawbacks for their conservation, we decided - after long hesitation - to organize national parks tours that are guaranteed to take you to the best national parks of each country, one country at the time. Currently we offer fantastic National Park tours to Ecuador , Peru, Ethiopia and Uganda.

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