Welcome to NATIONAL PARKS WORLDWIDE with the national parks, nature reserves and other protected areas of all countries of the world. National parks are the prime locations of wild and untamed nature; in many countries they are the most exiting places to visit, if you can find them. This website is your first help for getting to the national parks of Chile. In many developing countries, the protected areas are still difficult to get to. That is the reason why local travel agencies are often reluctant to take you there, while others have their own agenda, favoring a lodge in a private reserve with insignificant forest or nature. And yet, with the proper knowledge, transportation and gear, visiting national parks is usually relatively affordable, provided that you don't expect 5 star accommodations.


On this pages you find a list of the Chile's protected areas. Criteria for the selection of National Parks of Chile include natural beauty, unique geological features, unusual ecosystems, and recreational opportunities. Enjoy planning your vacation in Chile.


National Parks of Chile

For their lasting conservation, protected areas need a lot of visitation, something that is lacking in developing countries. In order to promote visitation to national parks, we created this website. The accuracy of our list varies considerably per country and is still incomplete for most countries of the world, but we are continuously working on improving them. As the lack of visitation continues to be one of the prime drawbacks for their conservation, we decided - after long hesitation - to organize national parks tours that are guaranteed to take you to the best national parks of each country, one country at the time. Currently we offer fantastic National Park tours to Ecuador , Peru, Ethiopia and Uganda.

Protected Area Management type Size in hectares Marine area IUCN Category Latitude Longitude
Alacalufes National Reserve 2,313,875 IV 60.055085 15.421284
Alberto de Agostini National Park 1,460,000 60.315549 16.568205
Alerce Andino National Park 39,255 60.038229 17.914101
Alto Bío-Bío National Reserve 35,000 59.399445 18.166913
Archipiélago de Juan Fernández National Park 9,571 59.966215 15.427901
Bernardo O'Higgins National Park 3,525,901 VI 59.961632 15.275792
Bosque de Fray Jorge National Park 9,959 IV 59.943616 15.220945
Cabo de Hornos National Park 63,093 III 59.85875 15.822715
Cerro Castillo National Reserve 138,000 59.238179 14.931908
Cerro Õielol Natural Monument 90 58.643895 15.269699
Chiloé National Park 43,057 59.820165 15.624803
China Muerta National Reserve 9,887 55.658622 14.249892
Cinco Hermanas Natural Monument 228 58.512531 14.312691
Contulmo Natural Monument 82 56.365346 12.835829
Coyhaique National Reserve 2,150 IV 59.226921 16.613555
Cueva del Milodon Natural Monument 189 IV 56.356484 14.297831
Dos Lagunas Natural Monument 181 IV 56.074535 14.369423
El Morado Natural Monument 3,009 VI 55.885679 13.815865
Federico Albert National Reserve 145 IV 56.095838 13.750355
Hornopirén National Park 48,232 59.80695 15.858998
Huerquehue National Park 12,500 59.778961 15.651402
Isla Guamblin National Park 10,625 II 58.501942 14.339287
Isla Magdalena National Park 157,616 58.433955 16.684401
Isla Mocha National Reserve 2,368 59.142818 16.722194
Katalalixar National Reserve 674,500 59.101389 17.358892
La Campana National Park 8,000 VI 58.372893 12.422309
La Chimba National Reserve 2,583 58.957456 15.343462
La Portada Natural Monument 31 55.764364 14.163504
Lago Carlota National Reserve 27,110 58.938187 16.943441
Lago Jeinimeni National Reserve 161,610 58.937703 14.454211
Lago Las Torres National Reserve 16,516 58.81847 17.638686
Lago Palena National Reserve 41,356 59.935361 15.222276
Lago Peñuelas National Reserve 9,260 59.857637 15.824641
Lago Rosselot National Reserve 12,725 59.848971 15.664933
Laguna del Laja National Park 11,600 58.335157 14.653312
Laguna Parrillar National Reserve 18,814 59.77983 15.871549
Laguna San Rafael National Park 1,742,000 58.330721 12.478928
Las Chinchillas National Reserve 4,229 VI 58.395323 12.466348
Las Guaitecas National Reserve 1,097,975 58.357905 12.493337
Las Palmas de Cocalán National Park 3,709 57.179097 13.16768
Las Vicuñas National Reserve 209,131 IV 58.334973 12.457106
Lauca National Park 137,883 58.637284 15.124956
Llanos de Challe National Park 45,708 VI 58.623924 13.150531
Llanquihue National Reserve 33,972 58.332282 12.519188
Llullaillaco National Park 262,000 58.553859 15.342627
Los Bellotos del Melado National Reserve 417 VI 56.000088 13.547124
Los Flamencos National Reserve 73,987 VI 55.987986 12.822363
Los Queules National Reserve 147 55.653862 13.86647
Magallanes National Reserve 13,500 58.296966 14.63918
Malalcahuello National Reserve 17,530 VI 58.240425 13.853484
Malleco National Reserve 17,371 IV 58.159961 16.273984
Nahuelbuta National Park 6,832 VI 58.514993 13.645179
Nalcas National Reserve 13,775 III 58.151546 13.137805
Nevado de Tres Cruces National Park 59,082 VI 58.299453 13.388691
Õuble National Reserve 55,948 60.110577 16.047876
Pali-Aike National Park 5,000 58.290366 15.963782
Pampa del Tamarugal National Reserve 102,264 57.835037 15.476361
Pingüino de Humboldt National Reserve 859 55.556707 13.31012
Puyehue National Park 107,000 VI 58.160567 13.089366
Queulat National Park 154,093 VI 58.116779 13.907886
Ralco National Reserve 12,421 VI 57.749714 15.593137
Río Blanco National Reserve 10,175 IV 57.291862 16.227914
Río Clarillo National Reserve 10,185 57.251064 16.251346
Río de Los Cipreses National Reserve 38,582 60.378888 16.334728
Río Simpson National Park 41,370 57.771463 16.325608
Salar de Surire Natural Monument 11,298 VI 55.730155 13.725414
Tolhuaca National Park 6,374 VI 57.76526 15.61408
Torres del Paine National Park 181,414 Ib 57.495814 16.327003
Valdivia National Reserve 9,727 VI 60.315752 16.601329
Vicente Pérez Rosales National Park 253,780 57.248709 16.239182
Villarrica National Park 61,000 IV 57.026381 16.17956
Volcán Isluga National Park 174,744 IV 58.655703 15.150877

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