Welcome to NATIONAL PARKS WORLDWIDE with the national parks, nature reserves and other protected areas of all countries of the world. National parks are the prime locations of wild and untamed nature; in many countries they are the most exiting places to visit, if you can find them. This website is your first help for getting to the national parks of Germany. In many developing countries, the protected areas are still difficult to get to. That is the reason why local travel agencies are often reluctant to take you there, while others have their own agenda, favoring a lodge in a private reserve with insignificant forest or nature. And yet, with the proper knowledge, transportation and gear, visiting national parks is usually relatively affordable, provided that you don't expect 5 star accommodations.


On this pages you find a list of Germany's protected areas. Criteria for the selection of National Parks of Germany include natural beauty, unique geological features, unusual ecosystems, and recreational opportunities. Enjoy planning your vacation in Germany.


National Parks of Germany

For their lasting conservation, protected areas need a lot of visitation, something that is lacking in developing countries. In order to promote visitation to national parks, we created this website. The accuracy of our list varies considerably per country and is still incomplete for most countries of the world, but we are continuously working on improving them. As the lack of visitation continues to be one of the prime drawbacks for their conservation, we decided - after long hesitation - to organize national parks tours that are guaranteed to take you to the best national parks of each country, one country at the time. Currently we offer fantastic National Park tours to Ecuador , Peru, Ethiopia and Uganda.

Protected Area Management type Size in hectares IUCN Category Latitude Longitude Creation date
Oberrhein: Lorrach-Kehl Other area 4500 60.06722400000 24.40233000000
Bleicheroder Berge Landscape Protection Area 4103 60.06296400000 19.96158700000
Hildburghauser Wald Landscape Protection Area 5250 59.91600300000 23.64209500000
Plothener Teichgebiet Landscape Protection Area 1896 59.91814400000 23.45419700000
Sachsische Schweiz Landscape Protection Area 36810 IV 44.99665400000 2.94327900000 1/1/1983
Seendreieck bei Furstensee Landscape Protection Area 3200 59.90680000000 23.84230300000
Gebiet um Bad Wilsnack Landscape Protection Area 2700 59.89976000000 23.51087800000
Ludwigsluster Schlosspark u.s.w. Landscape Protection Area 1500 IV 44.87587400000 3.44143900000 1/1/1984
Klocksiner Seenkette Landscape Protection Area 20000 59.89665200000 23.86288400000
Krakower Seenlandschaft Landscape Protection Area 2350 59.89083100000 23.33789300000
Salzwedel-Diesdorf Landscape Protection Area 13310 59.89048100000 23.33746600000
Talsperre Quitzdorf und Kollmer Hohen Landscape Protection Area 4417 59.86934700000 20.91347800000
Leipziger Auewald Landscape Protection Area 5700 59.86871200000 20.92103000000
Schlaubetal Landscape Protection Area 6490 59.85094800000 23.13384500000
Teupitz-Koriser Seengebiet Landscape Protection Area 23317 59.84648500000 23.25478600000
Muritz-Seen-Park Landscape Protection Area 30000 59.84580900000 23.24332100000
Lausitzer Grenzwall zwischen u.s.w. Landscape Protection Area 14235 59.83590800000 23.08852300000
Muhlhauser Stadtwald Landscape Protection Area 3496 59.83558100000 23.20795100000
Neuruppin-Rheinsberg u.s.w. Landscape Protection Area 80200 60.05933600000 24.64642100000
Sewekow Landscape Protection Area 2850 60.05251400000 24.61966100000
Heiligenstadter Stadtwald Landscape Protection Area 3025 60.05072000000 24.65677400000
Niedersächsisches Wattenmeer National Park 240000 60.05090000000 24.65806500000
Dolgener und Hohensprenzer See Landscape Protection Area 1500 60.27024800000 23.79673900000
Freiberger Mulde-Zschopau Landscape Protection Area 7000 60.27045300000 24.91167000000
Elsterniederung u.s.w. Landscape Protection Area 19650 60.25645300000 26.21703000000
Waldgebiet bei Crivitz u. Barniner See Landscape Protection Area 1000 60.25844500000 20.92419600000
Bad Freienwalde Landscape Protection Area 4340 60.26103700000 23.84113800000
Stepenitztal Landscape Protection Area 1600 60.25815100000 22.04710400000
Torgelower See Landscape Protection Area 3000 60.04092700000 20.60144400000
Kuhlung Landscape Protection Area 14000 60.03893100000 24.60562100000
Mockern-Magdeburgerforth Landscape Protection Area 29140 60.03886400000 24.60499000000
Dresdener Heide Landscape Protection Area 5876 60.03884600000 24.60689000000
Peitzer Teichlandschaft mit Hammergraben Landscape Protection Area 2040 60.03630200000 19.91818800000
Rathenower Wald-und Seengebiet Landscape Protection Area 17325 60.03497700000 24.59832600000
Colditzer Forest Landscape Protection Area 4600 60.03457900000 24.59978800000
Dobbin-Zietlitzer Feldmark Landscape Protection Area 2000 60.03368000000 19.91810600000
Potsdamer Havelseengebiet Landscape Protection Area 16250 III -42.83955000000 170.95306600000
Rambower und Rudower See Landscape Protection Area 1500 Ia -31.38000000000 117.66000000000 1/1/1987
Ostrugen Landscape Protection Area 47500 60.05977800000 19.96119500000
Hamburgisches Wattenmeer National Park 11700 60.05238800000 19.99352900000
Lindenthaler Forst Landscape Protection Area 4070 60.05736200000 23.29020100000

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