Unique things to do en Peru in 7 days

As they may not have another opportunity to travel to South America anytime soon, many visitors to Ecuador would like to combine their trip with the cultural highlights of Peru. Therefore we developed the Peru Lima - Cusco Cultural Highlights Tour.


Why consider booking our  Peru National Parks Tour? Because for the same price, our tour gets you to ALL places Peru is so famous for. On top of that, you get to see 9 National Parks/Reserves accompanied by a naturalist guide. There is nothing similar on the market. As Peru can be combined with other countries, we organize tours in modules: Lima Cusco, Machu Picchu module, Manu National Park module, National Parks Module, All modules.

Destinations Overview:  World Heritage Site Lima,  World Heritage Site Cusco, Amazon park Manu National Park World Heritage Site Valle Sagrado/Sacred Valley, World Heritage Site Machu Picchu, Cloud Forest Machu Picchu Sanctuary, Highland wetland Titicaca National Reserve, Uros floating islands, Altiplano wildlife park Salinas & Aguadas Blancas National Reserve, World's second deepest canyon Colca Canyon, Word heritage site Arequipa, World heritage site Nazca Lines, Pampas Galeras National Reserve, San Fernando National Reserve, Paracas National Reserve, Ballestas Islands National Reserve.


This module provides a fantastic program for visiting the most famous cultural highlights of and unique things to do in Peru. At the same time it serves as the Lima hub function for the Peru National Parks Tour. This module is the baseline for our National Parks Tour Module and our Galapagos National Park Module, each components of the Top 20 Things to do in Peru. The Manu module can be taken at the beginning and the end of your visit to Cusco, while the National Parks Tour is usually taken after your visit to Cusco and surroundings.


Day 1

  • Transfer from the airport to your hotel, 1-2 blocks away from the sea-side Parque del Amor Park. Located in the up-scale neighborhood Miraflores, Paragliders take off from the coastal cliff, right in front of the Marriott hotel;

  • Depending on your arrival time, we like to take you to the Plaza de las Armas in the late afternoon, when on sunny days, the Palace and the Cathedral are at their best;

  • Dinner may be taken in the center, so that you may walk back to the Plaza at night to enjoy the buildings in the splendor of their evening illumination;

  • Return to your hotel behind Parque del Amor.

Top 25 Things to do in Peru: Presidential Palace, Lima.Top 25 Things to do in Peru: Plaza de las Armas with fountain in Lima.Top 25 Things to do in Peru: Balconies Episcopal Palace, Lima.Top 25 Things to do in Peru: Municipal Palace Lima at night.

The Presidential Palace in Lima.

Fountain on the Plaza de las Armas in Lima.


Day 2

  • Morning walk along the highlights of old town Lima with its gorgeous colonial churches, palaces, manors and streets;

  • Lunch somewhere in old town Lima;

  • Visit of one of the Huacas - pre-colonial pyramids;

  • Visit of the Larco Museum with a fantastic Pre-Colombian collection - debatably the best in the country;

  • Barranco neighborhood, with countless taverns and restaurants the ideal neighborhood to have dinner and an evening-stroll along the pedestrian street descending to the sea;

  • Spend the night in the hotel behind Parque del Amor.

Top 25 Things to do in Peru: La Merced Church, Lima.Top 25 Things to do in Peru: Torre Tagle Palace, Lima.Top 25 Things to do in Peru: Hueco Mateo Salado Piramid, Lima.Top 25 Things to do in Peru: Museo del Oro, Lima.

La Merced church in historic Lima.

The Palacio Torre Tagle in Lima houses the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.


Day 3

  • Transfer to the airport on your way to Cusco and from there to your hotel;

  • Stay in one of our favorite lovely colonial mansion boutique hotels with a central patio (may not always be available) in old town Cusco, 2 blocks away from the Plaza de las Armas;

  • Depending on departure time, a morning excursion in Lima or afternoon excursion in Cusco;

  • Suggested: Take an evening stroll in beautifully illuminated Cusco and walk into any restaurant to have dinner;

  • Spend the night at your boutique hotel.

Top 25 Things to do in Peru: Court yard colonial house, Peru.Top 25 Things to do in Peru: Church of the Compania de Jesus, Cusco.Top 25 Things to do in Peru: Cathedral Cusco, main entrance.Top 25 Things to do in Peru: La Merced Church, Cusco.

Patio of a historic boutique hotel in Cusco.

Compania de Jesus Jesuit church in Cusco.


Day 4

Explore Historical Cusco. With its combined Inca and colonial cultures, Cusco requires a full day's visit.

  • In the morning a guided walk, and;

  • In the afternoon: wandering around on your own to soak up centuries of culture and lose yourself in one of the Indian art markets;

  • Spend the night at your boutique hotel.

Top 25 Things to do in Peru: Inca wall in Cusco.Top 25 Things to do in Peru: Quechua girls in Cusco.Top 25 Things to do in Peru: Cusco colonial street.Top 25 Things to do in Peru: Inca street, Cusco.

Famous Inca stones wall in Cusco.

Quichua Indian girls in traditional dresses.


Day 5

  • A full day's excursion exploring the Sacred Valley;

  • In the late afternoon you will be dropped of at the train station of Ollantaytambo, from where a quality train takes you further down into the Sacred Valley until you reach the end station AguasCalientes, a small town stuck between the river and the steep mountain on which Machu Picchu is built;

  • You will stay at a hotel in the main (pedestrian) street, where you will be surrounded by countless pleasant restaurants;

  • If you like, upon arrival, you can take a 10-minutes walk to the hot springs and take a soaking in one of the volcanic baths and/or have a massage before dinner.

Top 25 Things to do in Peru: Saqsayhuaman Inca slide.Top 25 Things to do in Peru: Saqsayhuaman multi-corner Inca stones.Top 25 Things to do in Peru: Saqsayhuaman Inca door.Top 25 Things to do in Peru: Tambomachay Inca fountain.

Saqsayhuaman rock slides.

Saqsayhuaman giant multicornered wall stones.


Day 6

  • Early in the morning, take the bus up the mountain to Machu Picchu World Heritage Site (±20 minutes), before the crowd gets there;

  • A guided excursion along through Machu Picchu sacred citadel;

  • Pending availability, hike Huayna Picchu Mountain, towering over the actual site of Machu Picchu. Only a limited number of tickets per day are sold and availability is not guaranteed;

  • In stead of taking the bus, walk down through the cloud forest of Machu Picchu Reserve watching birds and plants;

  • Take the late afternoon train back to Ollantaytambo, where a transportation is waiting for you to take you back to Cusco.

Top 25 Things to do in Peru: Machu Picchu City.Top 25 Things to do in Peru: Machu Picchu guard house.Top 25 Things to do in Peru: Machu Picchu altar.Top 25 Things to do in Peru: Machu Picchu wall on rock.

View over Machu Picchu World Heritage monument.

Machu Picchu Guardian houses.


Day 7

Airport transfer for your flight Cusco - Lima from where you can board your international flight.


Special adjustments may be needed to accommodate your international flight itinerary as to include all, or most of the unique things to do in Peru.




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